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The Stanfields – Media Sheet (.PDF)

Everyone has a story to tell about  The Stanfields  –  if you don’t, give it time.  Inciting mosh pits and still making Mom proud, The Stanfields attract fans of all classes and creeds with their rhythm-fueled hard rock laced with traditional roots sounds. There are no glamorous motives – just five working class Canadians  with an honest desire to entertain.  The band’s  first  acoustic  project, For King and Country, released in Canada on GroundSwell/Warner  and  in Germany  on  Rookie Records in October  2013.   Stanfields frontman  and  lead writer, Jon Landry explains: “There was no motive to write For King and Country other than trying to challenge ourselves. As songwriters, we always have an axe to grind in terms of lyrical expression. That will never change.  Our world  is  too fucked up to let things slide.  Rest assured to the initiated, we will continually attempt to peel the paint off the walls of your local tavern,  legion, youth centre  or arena. We haven’t gone soft. In fact, I think we went harder.”