Click to download hi-res version // Photo by KT Lamond

Click to download hi-res version // Photo by KT Lamond

Click to download hi-res version // Photo by KT Lamond

Click to download hi-res version // Photo by KT Lamond

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“Too many of these bands sound like Pogues wannabes, but that’s not where The Stanfields are coming from. They want to rock very hard, honour traditional East Coast music, and sing about being from a place with hard-working people, the ones they grew up with, and the ones in their audience.” – Bob Mersereau, CBC

“(Limboland) provides the comfort that one needs for absolute trivialities and dispels the negative thoughts with a clearly audible resolution”-

“Working class heroes” – Here Magazine

“a perfect picture of the band - 5 stars” - Guitar Magazine, Album of the Month

“Their live show is garnering rave reviews from all those lucky to see it” – Moncton Times and Transcript

“the gentlemen have once again put everything into the balance…take the songs with you, and hold tight!” -

“The bastard children of AC/DC and Stan Rogers” – Q104 FM


The Stanfields get right to the point in the first lines on their new album, Limboland:  "A line was drawn in the sand by a fool with a big stick and tiny hands/He promised a wall, talked about greatness and dared to speak for me." That has the band fired up, and answering back big-time, plain-speaking, and plain-rocking: "I'm not afraid of the world," comes the answer. The Stanfields are back, and ready to sing out loud and clear.

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Click to download album artwork

"There's so much going on in the world, there's so much uncertainty, I think it's important that we're speaking in a really clear voice," says lead singer and songwriter Jon Landry. Limboland is the fifth album for the Halifax-based band, which sees them take an unflinching look at the negative forces that threaten rights and liberties for all, while doing it all with their trademark swirl of guitars, pounding drums, fiddle and rowdy energy.

This is the first album for the group since 2015's Modem Operandi, and the first to be recorded with the two newest members of the band, fiddler Calen Kinney and bass player Dillan Tate. "Bringing the new guys into the band really gave myself and Jmac (guitar player Jason MacIsaac) and Murph (drummer Mark Murphy) the license to take a stop and reflect on what we had done musically up to this part," says Landry. "To say okay, let's go full-circle here, let's harness these young guys' energy to be okay doing three minute songs again."

As fans of The Stanfields' dynamic live show know, that means bringing a message, and bringing the noise. "Our thing has always been, since day one as a band, trying to find that sweet spot where entertainment and art can co-exist," says Landry.

For The Stanfields and their fans, it's always been a love of both words and music, story-telling and hard-rocking. "It's in my blood," confirms Landry. "Somebody told me that I sound like I write songs from 100 years ago, which is a fantastic compliment for my sake. John Prine has been my hero since I was a kid, but I also liked Nirvana."

Album highlights include 'Lantern In The Window,' a classic East Coast image but in this case it's about making sure we offer hope and safety for anyone being repressed or in need. 'Total Black' sees the group joined by fellow Nova Scotians Cassie and Maggie MacDonald, winners of this year's Traditional Album of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Maggie joined Landry for shared lead vocals, while Cassie played twin fiddles with Calen.

The Stanfields have been road-testing the new songs and are thrilled with the reception. "We have the Blacktop Ball festival that we do every year on the North Shore of Nova Scotia in August, and the first night we played the record front to back," says Landry. "This is the party faithful showing up for the event, and it went over really well. We've been playing them here and there and they've been going over gangbusters."

Fired up, speaking out and rocking harder than ever, Limboland sees The Stanfields at their very best.


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